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Condo Insurance

Your condo association may insure the structure of your condo, Unfortunately the interior of your condo or your personal belongings are not usually covered.

Condo insurance is designed to protect your home and your possessions in case of unforeseen occurrences such as fire, theft, or water damage. And with a policy, you'll have the peace of mind that come with knowing you have customized insurance for your needs from a provider you can count on.
LS INSURANCE SERVICE Knows Condominium Insurance. We can help you find the right Condo insurance for you and your family. Need more details? Give us a call to discuss your insurance needs (856) 489-3444.

Condo Insurance

"NEW for OLD" Protection

With the replacement cost option, the insurance company will pay the actual cost of replacing your possessions after a claim. Regardless of the age or condition of your belongings - They will replace them with new items of equal quality.

Special Protection Packages

Here's a smart way to add to your condominium insurance protection. Take advantage of our packages that bundle some of the most requested coverage's for valuables. Your condo insurance can include increased coverage for jewelry, silverware, credit cards and personal liability, plus coverage you might not think about, like lock replacement and loss of perishable food.

Scheduled Personal Property

For condo owners who need more than $5,000 of protection for valuables, or have special valuables such as antiques or fine art, our scheduled personal property coverage allows you to list items and their value for more customized protection. (Appraisals may be required.)

Condo Insurance Coverage Explained

Personal Property - Coverage C

This condo insurance coverage protects your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing and appliances. Certain possessions may be excluded or have only limited coverage.

Loss of Use - Coverage D

This condominium insurance coverage is available when you cannot live in your condo due to a covered loss. It pays reasonable and customary living expenses up to the limit provided in your condo insurance policy.

Medical Payments - Coverage F

This condominium insurance coverage pays emergency medical bills for anyone injured in your condo or any injury caused by a member of your family, including pets. All bills are paid up to your condo insurance policy limit, whether or not you're legally responsible.

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